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Top Universities In United Sweden

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Your Pathway to Studying in the Sweden


Your Pathway to Studying in the Sweden

Sweden Colleges and Universities

The oldest university in Sweden is Uppsala founded in the year 1477. It is a research university in Uppsala, Sweden. It delivers professional and pedagogical education. It is Scandinavia’s first university.

BMC (Uppsala biomedical Centre) is the largest life sciences centres in Europe and offer education and research facilities in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, biology, and dietetics.

EBC (Evolutionary Biology Centre) provides education in evolutionary processes and biology and opportunities for research in physiology, environmental toxicology and developmental biology. Subjects such as economic history, economic, business studies, informatics and media, trade law, statistics and social and economic geography are offered by Ekonomicum.

The Skovde university is a state university in Skovde, in Sweden.it was established in 1970 by Swedish Parliament.  and is now is a academic institution with general and specialised educational courses in topics such as business, health, Biomedicine, and Computer game design. There are four schools for research and PhD training like bioscience, Business, Health and Education, Engineering Science, and Informatics.

Halmstad university is a public higher education institute established in the year 1983. It is a university in Halmstad, Sweden.it offers bachelor’s and master’s degree in various fields of study.

Masters’ programmes at hamstad university:

  • Network fervencies
  • Digital service innovation
  • Electronics design
  • Nordic welfare
  • Embedded and intelligent systems
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial management and innovation

Jonkoping university is a non-governmental Swedish university college situated in the city Jonkoping in Smaland, Sweden. It is a private institution of higher education with an aid to award doctoral degrees in certain areas such as social sciences. It operates on the basis of an agreement with Swedish Government and conforms to national degree regulations and quality requirements.

Under Jonkoping foundations, the Jonkoping university is organised as a group of companies with five subsidiaries- four schools and a service company. The undergraduate and graduate programmes, doctoral programmes are offered by Jonkoping international business school.

Bachelor Courses in Jonkoping university:

  • Industrial engineering management
  • International economics
  • International management
  • Marketing management
  • New media design
  • Prosthetics and orthotics

Dalarna university college is a public university situated in Falun Borlange, in Darlan County, Sweden. It is the most recent higher education institute in Sweden, founded in the year 1977. The university provides several research programmes that attracts students from all over the world. University offers master’s degree programmes such as business, data science, sustainable tourism, energy-efficient buildings, material science and economics.

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